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  • Placerville Drug-Free Coalition Meeting- Feb 27th

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El Dorado Community Vision Coalition supports mental health and wellness in our county by providing local schools  with certified MFTs and  Councilor Aids. The Primary Intervention Program (PIP) has successfully touched many young lives and provided them with vital coping, resiliency and self-esteem building skills...


Our Drug Free Coalition (DFC) was formed 10 years ago with grant monies from SAMHSA. We are proud to report  have tracked a decline in drug use and underage drinking and driving in El Dorado Hills. Through a new grant from SAMHSA we will be doing Drug-Free Community work in the city of Placerville...

El Dorado Community Vision promotes the growth, efficiency, and health of non-profit organizations and the people that they serve in under-invested communities of El Dorado County and the surrounding areas.  We serve small and medium-sized organizations that cannot afford the standard fees of professional consultants for need management assistance. 


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